HyperVisibility Starter 6k

HyperVisibility Starter 6k

This package is designed for accounts
from 2.5K to 6K followers.

What's included in this monthly subscription:

  • HyperLikes: 150-250

  • HyperViews: 650-850

  • HyperPriming: 400-600

  • HyperSaves: 20-30

  • HyperReels Likes: 150-250

  • HyperReels Views: 650-850

  • IGTV Likes: 150-250

  • IGTV Views: 650-850

  • Your service will be instantly activated after the payment has been sent

  • This subscription is billed automatically monthly, but you can cancel at any time

Important step to get the service started: 
After purchase login to your control panel, add your Instagram username to each order, and then click on the green tick. Make sure you check that the subscription is shown as "active" This procedure will automatically activate your package and you will start receiving the service on your latest post
If you change your username always notify us via Helpdesk to update and keep the subscription going.

Requirements for the HyperVisibility service to work correctly

  •  Post good quality content that will get users attention:
    Posting spam or low-quality photos and videos will NOT help your account grow, as we will push your post to reach the explore or hashtag page. Bad content will not get you new followers or likes. 
  •  Add engagement text to your post to gain attraction:
    You will need to attract your audience to engage on your post, asking questions like 'What do you think of this?' or 'Let me know what you think of this?' type of questions. Natural engagement will catapult your post even further and push more organic actions like likes, comments and views. 
  •  Add good quality hashtags to your post:
    Do not use the same hashtags over and over as you will get a temporary shadowban. Mix up your hashtags and do your research. We recommend adding 7 low, 7 medium and 7 high hashtags to ensure you reach the top hashtag page. Watch our video tutorial here.
  •  Add the location of your post:
    Adding your location will push your post of the location pages, which will attract local Instagrammers to interact with your post. If you are targeting a region or location then you can change the location with every post. 
  •  Post Insights: 
    To see how well your post has performed, you will need to enable your account to either Business or Creator. Without this you will not see how well your post performs. 

€119.99 for each month


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